Complete Tongan course. Work on mistakes

Mālō e lelei.
Let’s fix those mistakes with the dictionary by C. Maxwell Churchward. I am going to add misspelled words here as I progress through my learning.
Complete Tongan course by @BenjyDR: Complete Tongan - by BenjyDR - Memrise

Word list:

  1. lēsoni - the Churchward’s dictionary indicates this word without toloi, this way: lesoni; but lēsoni with toloi is very common in the internet, so it is an unresolved issue for me
  2. fā - number four with toloi
  3. faʻahitaʻu māfana - summer season with toloi; mafana without toloi means unpleasantly warm, stuffy, warmth, heat
  4. mālohi - strong, powerful with toloi
  5. fiemālie - satisfied, contented, comfortable, at ease with toloi
  6. fakaʻofoʻofa - beauty, beautiful; not: fakaʻofaʻofa
  7. ifo - tasty; ifo-lelei - to taste good, ifo-kovi - to taste bad (hyphens); delicious: vovo
  8. hinā - with toloi; there are several meanings without toloi and none of them refers to colour; hinā is grey or white - of the hair, grey colour in the first meaning is lanu-lavilavi
  9. moli - I am not sure about this word, it means an orange or other citrus fruit, not a colour; orange colour is lanu-momoho
  10. vaioleti - violet (flower); lanu-vaioleti - violet colour; there is no word valeti or vāleti in the dictionary, but I assume it may have changed since 1959, so I would be grateful, if someone told me about the correct spelling
  11. lanu-kelokelo - reddish brown; brown or tan is lanu-melomelo
  12. kulamūmū - crimson, toloi two times
  13. pingikī - pink colour with toloi
  14. fakamālohi-sino - (to do) physical exercise, with toloi and hyphen
  15. ʻilo - to know with fakau’a
  16. fakamaau - to put in order, to make tidy, to straighten out or to judge; fakama’a - to clean with fakau’a
  17. nofo noa / nofo noaʻia - to be idle, to be doing nothing (space mark)
  18. feimeʻakai - to prepare food, to cook; not: feimeaʻakai
  19. fie maʻu - to desire to get or have, to want (space mark)
  20. weather - I feel confused about this word in Tongan, I cannot find the word 'ea for weather; there are only two words 'ea in the dictionary, in the first meaning it translates as - air, the second meaning is - heir; from English to Tongan I find the word weather described as - anga ʻo e ʻahó; or - anga ʻo e matangi; there is also ʻalotāmaki - not good or stormy weather; and ʻalomālie - (to be) good or fine weather
  21. ʻafuʻia - there is no such word in the dictionary, maybe it is acceptable
  22. kopoa - catfish, pilipili - young cuttle-fish (feke - cuttle-fish or octopus)
  23. lō - ant, with toloi
  24. ʻunufe - caterpillar, with fakau’a
  25. vāsua - clam, with toloi
  26. mongomonga - beetle (of any kind), or any similar insect (such as a cockroach); not: mongomongo

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You should always post a link to the course in question. Also check whether the course’s author is on the forum. To do so, create a posting and write an @ plus her/his name, like @user8 (not quite an all too useful username, BTW!). If the user exists, you’ll see a popup appear with her/his avatar.

Hello! Thank you for the advice. I tried to find the author of this course on the forum before creating this topic, but the user was not found. I add a link!

Too bad: since Benjy does not have a forum account, you have no way to inform him about quirks and the such.
That said, you can try to be added as a contributor to the course. See here for more information:

Since I am a very beginner to learning Tongan, I do not consider the idea of ​​co-authoring a course :slight_smile: On the other hand, anyone can use a reliable dictionary to check spelling. Thus, I decided to try making notes about the errors found, collecting them all in one post. If I will not leave my plan and I will have a good list of corrected words, it might be useful. Or maybe after some time this topic, without disturbing anyone, will simply be covered with dust. I’ll try! The reason for creating this topic was mistakes, that I’ve noticed in the course, I was initially upset because of that and I wanted to quit study. But since there are no available Tongan language programs anywhere else than on Memrise, I don’t want to disclaim the material that is here, even with those mistakes. Let’s see how things go :slight_smile:

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