Complete B1 Vocabulary List (official list) Error

I found an error in Complete B1 Vocabulary List (official list).
das Tiere is incorrect. It should instead be das Tier. Tiere is the plural form.

More errors (done levels A - G so far):

der Abenteuer - should be das Abenteuer

der Abteilung s/b die Abteilung

die Addresse s/b die Adresse

der Aktivität s/b die Aktivität

die Anderung s/b die Änderung

der Apotheke s/b die Apotheke

Chunk of 14 words from ausdrucken to das Ausland are missing

der Bankautomat s/b der Bankomat (or der Geldautomat)

befriedigend, behalten and begeistert are missing

die Drogerie - English s/b chemist or drug store (not pharmacy)

das Flugzeug - English s/b aeroplane

das Formular - English s/b form

frölich s/b fröhlich

früstücken s/b frühstücken

der Galdautomat s/b der Geldautomat

die Geschwister - English s/b siblings or brothers and sisters

das Geschirr - English s/b crockery …

die Gewonheit s/b die Gewohnheit

And some general feedback:

it would have been helpful to have the definite article in the English translations, because otherwise when I’m asked for (for example) secret there’s no way of knowing whether the correct answer is geheim or das Geheimnis.

Thanks. That’s quite a lot of errors for a
language “course”.

Hi @MemriseSupport

Would it be possible for you to email the course creator (@Now_Or_Never ) to advise him or her that there are errors currently being flagged up for this otherwise excellent course?


Thanks, Ian.

Hi, @kurtkrueckeberg , @rgphilpott

This is another very similar course, but this one appears to contain zero errors.

I’m planning on working through this course myself once I’ve finished the official Memrise German courses.

Thanks for letting me know about GOETHE-ZERTIFIKAT B1 WORTLISTE !

Thanks, that does indeed look better than the one I’m doing.

Unfortunately I’m over half way through it now, with about 1700 words in “LTM”. I don’t want to do that all over again in another course, so I’ll have to stick with the one I’m doing.

Unless there’s some way to mark words or (better) levels as “learnt” - ie, moving them en-masse into LTM – there doesn’t seem to be any way to do that …

Hi, I don’t think there’s any way around re-doing everything, but I don’t think that’s necessarily bad. You could just view it as an extra review phase, and you’d likely move the repeated vocabulary into review-mode pretty quickly.

There used to be (until around 2015) an automatic feature that allowed you to globally ‘ignore out’ any identical items in new a course that you had learned previously on other courses. But unfortunately, for whatever reason, Memrise removed that feature one day with no explanation.

You could, however, use the manual ignore function to ignore out entire individual levels (there’s a function you can click on to do that) that you have already completed on the old course. Given that there are only about 30 levels in total that shouldn’t take too long.

HI. Ian. Thanks, yes, I could, and ordinarily I’d agree. However I already more or less know about 75-80% of this vocab, so “learning” them the first time is already mostly a review/consolidation phase. I don’t want to “ignore” them because I do want the spaced-repetition review.

Anyway, it’s not too bad as it is, because I’m cross-checking against the Goethe Institut doc as I go, both to check for errors and to use the sample sentences to help with the learning.



Good luck with your German vocab learning project!