Comparing a wrong answer with the correct one

I would like to be able to compare my wrong answer with the correct one when it comes up. I use to be able to do that previously, but a lot seems to have changed since my subscription was renewed.

Also a side issue - common or not I absolutely hate being made to learn ‘rude phrases’ on the french course!


Hi @julietfielding123,

Thanks for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face: Can I ask what platform(s) you are learning on, so that we can make sure your request gets to the right team?

You can always ignore words using these instructions:

Happy learning,
Memrise team


I also would like to be able to see what my incorrect answer was when the correct one is displayed. I believe iOS does this but Safari on Big Sur doesn’t.


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Hi, I would like to type out my answer when i get it wrong, while seeing the right answer. I feel this will help many more people to remember the answers, rather than guessing the translation when the question next comes up.


So far I like the beta version updates. However, when I get an answer wrong, I really miss not having my error highlighted in red with the correction in green the way it was in the old version. It took me three tries to get my error corrected with the new system that doesn’t show where I made the mistakes.

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