Community Memrise Discord server repost

I’m not completely sure if it’s allowed, but I thought I’d repost this here to get more attention, because I really want to make a good Discord server for the Memrise community.

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers (though it also works for anyone) that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.

Memrise seems like a relatively big community and I was surprised to find that it didn’t have its own Discord server (at least not one that managed to get off the ground), so I decided to make one. Hopefully we can succeed where the previous one failed!

To join all you need to do is create an account real quick and use this invite -


Thanks for the effort! Let’s see whether we generate more interest this time.

You should then also think of something to do. Why should anyone want to join?

To have another place where the whole community can meet and talk about whatever

We can already meet and talk about whatever here so that’s not a strong draw. To draw people you should organize something.

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Seems like a great idea given that most major languages have learning communities on Discord now.

Discord seems to have replaced Slack, Skype, TeamSpeak and even IRC.

+1 and added a link to this place on the unofficial Duolingo Swedish course.

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Hi, I’m an admin there.

You guys should definitely check it out. It comes along nicely.
We already have quite a few members.

A server by the community for the community. :heart_eyes:
We’re here to serve and support course creators as well and give them perhaps better ways to manage them.

It’s also a good place to meet up and practice your languages in real life.
We have group chats and also private ones and we continuously adding more and more features.

We encourage other course creators to do so as well.


We’ve created a global weekly scores leaderboard channel for Memrise & Duolingo.
The lists will be displayed at the end of every week.

no kidding
you like statistics

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Is it possible to generate new invitation?
Because this one is not valid anymore

It might be because you only joined two days ago.