Community Forum Guidelines

Welcome! The Memrise Community Forum is a place to discuss anything of the Memrisey nature, primarily our website and apps, but we can all have a good chat about languages or anything else that sparks joyful learning.

:sparkles:General Rules and Info :sparkles:

We want this hangout to be a comfortable, enjoyable one. To make it so, please be advised any threads or language that are off-topic or offensive will be removed and will potentially get you warned or banned.

All new places take a bit of time to get used to. This new forum is powered by Discourse, and has a lot of really cool features that really enhance the community experience, you can read about them here. It’s important for you to know that Discourse has a “trust system” that awards badges and permissions according your forum activity. So if you find that you can’t do a specific action, you probably don’t have permission to do it yet. Please explore this page to find out more about badges and trust levels.

Right, back to the Memrise Community forum rules:

Before creating new topics, please :point_down:

Have a look around. If you have a question or are looking to report a problem, it’s quite possible someone has already posted about it. This will be more helpful to you, save you time and will keep the forum tidier. Here’s what to do:

:mag: Use the Search feature before creating a new topic.
:white_check_mark: Choose the correct category for your topic, so it won’t get lost and stay unanswered.
:rotating_light: Some categories have specific rules for posting. Please read and follow them.
:speech_balloon: Ready to post? Give your topic a good title, and write in as much detail as possible.

:no_entry: Please avoid the following:

:frowning2: Don’t post affiliate links, or any kind of other spammy-looking stuff. It’s not joyful, classy or helpful, and will most likely get you banned.
:imp: Becoming a troll is strictly forbidden. It’s anti-Memrisey and totally uncool. Remember, our mantra is joy. People that post nonsense, false statements, attack other members of the community or staff and diverts attention from the main purpose of this community will receive a system warning and be banned.

Help our community stay every green

Not everyone feels like creating new topics, or replying to the existing ones, but that doesn’t make anyone less part of the community. We hope you always find something insightful and entertaining to read, and you can always ‘like’ it or ‘flag’ it - this will help our forum stay alive and well.

Enough of this bit, now go explore! :grinning: :rocket: