Community App

Heya, just wanted to ask if there is an app for the Memrise Community? (This website) If not, I would say it would be quite a good idea as mobile users can access it without having to go on a computer. Thanks :smile:

You need public REST APIs to properly implement such an app and so far Memrise has not done this – to some degree I understand this as in this new age of criminality running rampant on Internet plus all the political trolling orchestrated by foreign powers it’s better to keep APIs closed and controlled.

True, good point

Hi @lweny,

There is a link from the app to the forum but it’s not obvious how to find it! :confused: It’s in the “Help” section in the app settings. Once there, you have to go to “Issues & Feedback” and then to “How do I leave feedback or submit a feature request”. The first link on that page takes you to the forum home page.

It would be good to have a simpler, more easily accessible link.

owo does that answer if there is an app for the memrise community, but your right for the link as well, maybe put it in the corner of the site like top right or left

The platform behind Memrise’s forum is Discourse and there is an app for it, at least for Android: Discourse on Android

Can’t really tell much about it as I haven’t ever used it though.

I’ve just checked - if you want to try out the Discourse Android app, paste into the add-dialogue. I don’t really see much of a difference to the browser version though. :smirk:

Thanks, will try it out