Communicate with course creator


(Lusa74) #1


Is there a possibility to communicate with course creator for : + Kanji • Radicals 214 characters used in classifying Japanese kanji.

I like this course a lot but would like to know if it is possible to add english testing.

Link :

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

(Fusil24) #2

Hi, if the course creator is a member of this forum, then you can tag them so that they will see this post using the @ symbol and then the persons name like this- @fusil24. However this will only work if they are a member, as not all course creators have found their way here.

If the course creator is not a member of this forum then you could ask a member of staff to invite them here. If that fails, you could ask to be made a contributor for this course.

(Neoncube) #3

Tagging @Lien, as she’s usually the one that handles things like this.

(Lusa74) #4

Hi @Lien,

Have you had a chance to try and contact the course creator ?
If she’s not replying I’d love to be a contributor and help.


(Neoncube) #5

@Lien seems to have been somewhat-absent lately :\

I’m not sure what her official role is at Memrise, anyway, so this may not really be part of her job description. Hard to say.

(Lusa74) #6

Could anyone else help ?
Sorry, I’m still not very familiar with how this all works.

(Neoncube) #8

Maybe @kanatsumoto could help? I’m not sure either, sorry :\

(Lien) #9


I’m afraid the course creator and -contributor are no longer active on Memrise.
@lusa74, I have added you as a contributor. You should now see the ‘Edit Course’ button when accessing the course. Further instructions can be found here.

I hope that’s helpful.

Best wishes,


(Lusa74) #10

thank you very much @Lien and @neoncube for the help.

(Neoncube) #11

No problem :slight_smile:

Thanks, Lien :slight_smile:

(Lusa74) #12

@Lien any chance you can try and contact another course creator ?

I’d like to help adding sound to his/her course. I find it more efficient to learn with sound

Link below :



Niffer hangs around the forums (somewhat). Here’s the JTalkOnline course correction thread. Good luck!

(Lien) #14

Hi @lusa74,

I just emailed JTalkOnline, unfortunately before reading @RyouBakura 's helpful message :woman_facepalming:

@JTalkOnline , apologies for the spam.

Let me know if I can help with anything.

Best wishes,