Colour responses to typing tests

Am I the only one who does not really see if a typed response was correct, party correct, or wrong?
This used to be a clear green/amber/red, but in the new colour scheme we get some washed out pastels which to me are entirely non-indicative (I’m actually not 100% sure there even is a difference - -?)

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What? Using by course created by community you can see colours (red, green and the third for partly good response). There is also ✓ when you choose a good answer.

I have seen this as well - partly correct is a kind of pastel orange that initially seemed (and still seems) very close to the pastel red for wrong. I don’t distinguish some shades of red and orange very well, so I had to convince myself that it was indeed different. The amber before was much clearer.

No, I also think the difference between wrong (pinkish red) and partially wrong (orange red) is too small.

And when you get something wrong the old colours are still there in the You wrote:… part of the screen. The combination with the new orange red and blueish green in the “correction screen” is not pretty…