Coding error web: clickbox “always load mems” overlaps "go without a mem"

When I select “go without a mem”, the clickbox of “always load mems” overlaps with the clickbox of the option to go without a mem.

You could change the Z-Index or the width on CSS.

PS: I also suggest adding a button which closes the mnemonic menu.


/\ Is there anyone here who can forward the issue to a developer?

Salutations, @MAHIR,this is the ET MemriseMasterSherwi :alien:
Luckily for you, I can contact @MarshallLanguages, @Lien or @MemriseMatty if you wish.

Post Scriptum of an Earth human letter: I myself have this problem, so this issue must be forwarded to Memrise Support to fix this public issue for citizens of Planet Earth (or visitors from Planet VuV)

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By posting this report in the “Web Bugs” section, you have already reported it to the Memrise bug control team, and there is no need to do anything else to “forward this to a developer.”

Checking the forum for bug reports and logging them is part of the job responsibilities that the Memrise developers are paid to perform.

The recent habit that some people have of spamming almost every memrise employee in practically every thread is counterproductive, because the Memrise staff will undoubtedly get tired of it and put those users who constantly spam them on their ignore list, if they haven’t already done so.

MarshallLanguages is an ordinary Memrise user, and a very new user on the forums. They are neither a Memrise employee nor a “developer,” and thus has no ability to correct the reported coding error. Therefore, “contacting” them to report a problem is pointless.


@Joshua @BeaTrisy @MemriseMatty

Can any of you guys do something about this, or pass this on to someone who can?

This bug has been around for I would say several weeks now, if not months.


It can’t be less than a month at this point.

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I agree completely, and think that in addition to the tag-spamming, this is a very serious issue you’ve raised, that the moderators should address.

I’ve seen too many instances where a brand new user has joined the forum specifically to post a problem report, and quickly received a reply along the lines of, “thanks for reporting this. I’ll ask @(Memrise Employee) to fix this.” Then the new user replies, “Thanks so much for taking care of this!”

These types of posts are very misleading, because they falsely suggest that the person replying works for Memrise, and has the authority to assign work to other employees, thus giving the new user who reported the problem the false impression that their problem is being taken care of, when in reality, the @(Memrise Employee) has probably ignored the spammy user, and will never receive notification about the problem report.

I also think that all Memrise employees should be much more prominently identified as such in their forum posts, because right now there is at least one here who doesn’t have a shield icon next to their user name, although they recently edited their forum profile to disclose the fact that they are a Memrise employee. I have seen this employee act as a sort of “secret police” forum censor, either liking posts praising Memrise, or immediately deleting posts that they disagree with, despite the fact that the deleted posts didn’t violate any rules. I think that this behavior too is very troubling and deceptive.


I am annoyed at the fact that you find moderator tagging a major issue and the fact that no-one at Memrise is actually addressing the issue that I raised.

As you said, the moderators are meant to deal with these problems, so tagging them will make it easier for them to find these issues. They still haven’t fixed the clickbox issue even though it takes about 30 seconds to fix it.

Just, stop making a non-issue into such a big deal.

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For the reasons I already clearly explained and shall not repeat, it doesn’t make it easier for them to find “these issues.”

It only serves to make the targeted employees either ignore forum notifications, or turn them off completely. The people who are tag-spamming the employees are behaving badly, essentially “crying wolf”, thereby making it harder for everyone else to get Memrise’s attention for serious problems that need an immediate fix.

I simply expressed my opinion about something that I believe is a serious problem taking place lately in the forum. That’s not making anything into a big deal, just a normal part of forum dialog. If you don’t like my posts, then don’t read them.


Since this problem still hasn’t been fixed, there’s a way to “sort of” fix it yourself. Download uBlock origin (far better than adblock plus anyway), then right click “always load mems” and click “block element”(a ublock feature). You will now be able to select “go without mem”.