Code 500 error while learning

Learning session crashes every time (Firefox, tested also on Chrome)
Reviewing works fine

Message: “An error with code 500 occurred”
Not sure what the problem is.


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Hey there,

Thanks for reporting this! This should be fixed now.


Thanks for the support, however it crashed again while learning.
It happens both in firefox and crhome. Both browsers are updated to the latest version.


Hi Vitaman, I can see you’re the creator of this course. Please make sure all items have at least one picture, or the learning sessions will fail to launch.

I hope this helps. Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist with.

May I again ask that you, i. e. Memrise, should make the required amendments to your code so that the system itself validates whatever users enter!
It should not be possible for users to enter faulty data, fail to enter mandatory data and whatever else results in such avoidable errors.

I can’t believe that Memrise doesn’t see this as being self-evident. I have mentioned this for probably 5 to 10 times to various members of your staff, and I’m sure not the only one who has done so.

Hi Olaf, we have changed it so that you can’t enter blank text fields and then deleted all existing blank fields because we too were bored of people making broken courses and having to fix them.
I’m not sure what’s happened in this instance, but we didn’t particularly look at images when making the aforementioned fix as they are a tiny proportion of courses and users.

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Hello! I have also an 500 error while studying.
Browser: Chrome
Course: "Intermediate Finnish Vocabulary.
Action: Classic review.
Screenshot with console is attached.

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hi.please help me too.İ cannot learn because of error 500 in this course.browser opera.

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I’m also getting the same error message today, both when reviewing and when learning new words (in all of my courses).

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Hi, I have the same console error:
instrument.js:109 Error: Must have be in Card state to tentatively select an answer
This always happens with the same sentence in this course:

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And also with Memrise’s own German course:

And after the crash, the reviewed sentences are not saved as reviewed, so in the next round the same sentences are offered to review, basically resulting in being stuck.
Note: probably the new “Hint” functionality has something to do with this issue?

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Thanks for your reports - we’re investigating. I’ll update this thread once we have more information. Thanks for your patience!

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I cannot review anything. At the end of every session I get the error code 500. I bet this related to that new ridiculous hint feature. It only started happening after seeing that appear.

xin chào, tôi cũng gặp lỗi khi mới học xong và không học tiếp được

Again, when assembling a set of items for any kind of review, I would suggest that you simply ignore items that do not meet the minimum requirements (i. e. an image based course with an item that has no image). All this is really only a matter of validation before creating/editing data and and prophylaxis when displaying/aggregating data. I really don’t want to be a smart-a*, but this is dev101!

We’ve just reverted a recent change so this should no longer occur. Can you please double-check everything is working fine for you all too?


Hi this is now working for me, thanks guys

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It works for me too, thank you!

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Everything is working fine now. Thank you very much!

It works for me! Thank you!