Clearing my Dashboard

Hi everyone,

This might be a bit odd, but…I have a few language courses on my (new format) Dashboard where I have started a course but decided not to continue. I was just exploring.
I cannot figure out how to remove them so that all I see are my Russian and German.
Any advice received with gratitude!


It doesn’t seem like they have built the option to remove a language into the new dashboard (yet). Only to add a new one.
So you’ll have to temporarily switch back to the old dashboard.

If I understood correctly:

Go to your dashboard >
Click on the name of the language at the top of the page >
(+) Add language (or something like that) >
Then you should find the language pair you want to clean from your languages >
Click on the three dots (…) and leave the course
After that the name of the course will not appear on your dashboard anymore

Thank you for taking the time to reply - this works on the original dashboard but not the new one (I’m looking for a solution for the new one).

Thank you for taking the time to reply - the new dashboard and system need a lot of work!