Classical Hebrew Conjugation of Hebrew Verb

נִקְטֹל has two verb form usages… We will kill and (abs) to be killed. There is no notation in the quiz which indicates if the verb form being tested is a Niph’al Non-Indicative or a Qal Imperfect Indicative.
Can you please set these up as alternate options?

I have moved your post to the forum for Hebrew (as a “Regular” I can now do this kind of thing, I am not a member of the memrise staff).

Could you post a link to the exact course you are doing? Or is “Classical Hebrew Conjugation of Hebrew Verb” the name of the course?

It would also be useful to name the original course creator as this is the only person who can access the database for this Decks course.

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Hi Amanda,

Classical Hebrew Conjugation of the Hebrew Verb is the name of the course.

By “post a link to the exact course” are you saying paste a link to the course in the post write-up?

Would you put the course creator’s name in the post subject?

Sorry… I am totally inexperienced in posting to forums. Most of the time I can’t find the link to make a post. Fortunately, Memrise, is easier to use.

Thanks for your help.

Dave Swigart

Hi @swigartd and @amanda-norrsken :slight_smile:

I checked the learning list and the course is:

And the creator of the course is: ralphsweir

@ralphsweir : the creator does not seem to have a forum account. Note that the name was not highlighted when I added the “@” symbol, as with a person who has a forum account.

As ralphsweir does not have a forum account, there is currently no way to contact him. Please see the MemriseMatty post:


Thanks for your detective work, @Milamy!

And I didn’t know that memrise no longer provided “outreach” services (what happened to Lien??? She used to do that :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:), so that is also good to know. I can stop tagging memrise support …

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Lien is no longer part of the Memrise Team. And contact with creator who does not have a forum account is only temporarily stopped. But Kevin will come with a proposal, and I hope it will be soon. :wink:



Just a shot in the dark…. I posted a question to the forum about font sizes when setting up a course. My Hebrew is either too small or too large when used as the prompt. And the English “test on” items are too large.

No one has responded with options to resolve those issues.

Any ideas about getting an answer?

Kindest regards,

P. David Swigart

יִתְגַּדַּל וְיִתְקַדּשׁ שְׁמֵהּ רַבָּא

Things are somewhat in flux at the moment with memrise splitting up into two separate (but linked) entities, a new website called Decks, running parallel to the memrise website and a new Decks app in the pipeline.

I imagine that there just aren’t the staff available right now to respond to every query :frowning:

I do hope that there will be a solution for this problem. I am sure there are loads of fine courses out there on Decks who could use a little TLC by someone new.

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