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I’m new to Memrise and have looked around the community pages but haven’t been able to find the answer to my question but apologies if I have missed it.

I am struggling to understand the Classic Review process. I have read that review timings for words are based on an inbuilt SRS system with timings for reviews of specific words depending on whether you previously got them right or not.

However, when I click to perform a ‘classic review’ I cannot find where it tells me how many words are needing to be reviewed. This is in contrast to other people who have talk d about have a ‘backlog’ of review words. Moreover, when I do perform a classic review, words regularly come up that I have have only got correct so must be at an interval beyond the frequency they appear to be coming in at.

Is there any way to see the list of all words currently awaiting a review within a specific course and to only perform a classic review for those words?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Adam and welcome to the forum,

On the web version, the total number of words due for (Classic) review in a particular language/subject is indicated in the blue “Review” box at the top of the Home Page for that language/subject. Clicking on that blue box will start a Classic Review which may run across more than one course. The number due for each course listed on that page is indicated by the black watering can icon. If you go to a course Home Page, the number due is shown in the blue “Review” box and, if you open a course ‘Level’ page, each word/item has an indicator (black water drop icon) of when the next (Classic) review falls due. There is a similar arrangement on the app versions but I find it more complicated navigating around the course pages there.

An explanation of the SRS review timings is in this earlier forum topic - Why do some courses never come up for review?

If you select a “Classic Review” for a course which currently has no words/items that are due, you will just get a review set for the number of items you put in your Memrise settings (eg 25, 50, etc), after which the SRS should kick in again.


Further to what Alan already said: depending on how much you have learned and reviewed, you might not have seen the little numbers next to or across the review icon (web <-> apps) that indicate how many items are up for (SRS-) review, simply because you repeated them (too) often!

Don’t worry, if you continue to learn (maybe across several courses), you’ll see this appear. You can also just not do any review until you see a number/indicator appear.

Here’s what this currently looks like on the web (2 words up for review in the example):


If you’re utilizing the iOS-/Android-app, you’ll see the number right across the review icon.

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Thank you both for the warm welcome and for your thorough explanations! It sounds like I just need to get on with learning more words and focus mainly doing the classic reviews when prompted by the SRS rather than more frequently as and when I choose. Thanks once again!

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