Classic Review remaining words not updating


Recently my Memrise app doesn’t seem to be updating the number of remaining words to be 'Classic Review’d on a course which I created myself. I’ve basically been stuck on 396 for a while, and no matter how much I do it doesn’t change.

It doesn’t seem to be giving me the same words over and over again, but I feel like I get some new but some are being repeated quite often - this is what makes it a bit difficult to know what’s going on.

Has anyone else had such a problem?

You’re not alone, see this thread:

It’s a long stanging regression Memrise has not fixed for months now. Here is an example of a Tibetan word I added to a private lesson one minute ago and the result from the web site itself when testing for word:

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 9.52.43 AM

Looks like Memrise has abandoned Decks just now…

Thanks for your responses.

On the other thread it seems as if it was fixed for some people 22 days ago with an update.

I am doing it now via the web application (either way better for my practice) and not having the problem. On the other thread it’s not so clear to me if the problem was limited to the app on phones or also the web version. Do you guys know?

It’s independent of both Web or mobile apps and it’s still an issue with entries added to the database since some time late November.

My guess is that they introduced a new algorithm for scrambling new entries that ignores entries added in before the Decks and Memrise databases were synchronized/moved over in addition of code that does not check for duplicate alternate entries and would re-do the selection.