Classic review numbers don't go down

I’ve just recently bought the app for android and when I do a classic review the number to review doesn’t go down. It also tends to show me the same words every time. This problem does not occur with the course on my pc browser, and the numbers are different. It’s very frustrating.

I’ve tried reinstalling the app and even installing a previous version. Nothing is working. Help!


Hi paddy. I’m suffering the same issue since one of the recent updates (before, it worked fine). I have already filed a bug report two weeks ago. Unfortunately nothing (visibly) happend since then.

I also thought it may be a bug in conjunction with this one, as both does affect the review counter:

… there has been a fix promised in that topic, but has not yet arrived as of version 2.94_17003_memrise.


Ooojy … yaha … :grin: :partying_face:
This one is (also) fixed by today’s update!! :)))
Oh I’m so glad! :laughing:
Finally I can continue learning… :grinning: