Classic review numbers don't go down

I’ve just recently bought the app for android and when I do a classic review the number to review doesn’t go down. It also tends to show me the same words every time. This problem does not occur with the course on my pc browser, and the numbers are different. It’s very frustrating.

I’ve tried reinstalling the app and even installing a previous version. Nothing is working. Help!


Hi paddy. I’m suffering the same issue since one of the recent updates (before, it worked fine). I have already filed a bug report two weeks ago. Unfortunately nothing (visibly) happend since then.

I also thought it may be a bug in conjunction with this one, as both does affect the review counter:

… there has been a fix promised in that topic, but has not yet arrived as of version 2.94_17003_memrise.


Ooojy … yaha … :grin: :partying_face:
This one is (also) fixed by today’s update!! :)))
Oh I’m so glad! :laughing:
Finally I can continue learning… :grinning:

Hi guys,
Well, I am having this bug for 3/4 days now. I do classic review, but the words are not taken out of the review list as they should be. The flowers never get lively no matter how much I water :disappointed_relieved::sweat_smile:. And it is really frustrating! It’s version 2.97_17117_memrise for me.

Hi @Mustansir! Yeah, this was also the case when I had that bug. Always kept repeating the same words, during the review they grew deep red/lively but after review they were like before. Also the review counter never decreased after reviews, until eventually all (all!) words were up for review. And I know it can be VERY frustrating - to the point where you’re asking why then do reviews at all…

But for me everything related to this was fixed with 2_94_17117. So you’re saying you are still suffering it? With that version? … :confused: … Very sorry to hear!

Is there anything else I can do myself to solve it? I have deleted offline downloads, then cleared cache/data and when none of them worked, reinstalled. After whatever of these I did, only the first classic review ‘seemed’ to work [Now I have doubt about that too]. All other reviews after that have the bug. Is there anything else I can try?

The reason I have doubt even for the first one is that even though on Android the count went down by 10 (one classic review size), when I started doing review on the website on PC, it threw those words to review again. This tells me the problem might be, in addition, in the API calls for syncing classic review too.

Anyway, the problem seems out of my hand, unless someone says there’s something additional that I can do. I assume Memrise is watching this thread intently? :confused:

And thanks for your concern @Jonibhoni. :hugs:

I am also experiencing this problem on version 2_94_17117 - and it means I can’t progress beyond the Classic Review stage that my course is stuck at.

A fix would be greatly appreciated as I currently can’t use it! @memrisesupport