Classic review not giving points anymore?

Hello, I have received barely any points for doing a 25 word classic review, what’s going on there? Has the pointing system been changed?

Same with learning new words and speed review. It is just generally taking (honest estimation, not an exaggeration) at least 4 times as long to meet daily goals this morning.

Same thing here, tried to learn new words, classic review and went through 95 words in speed review, still only received 1250 points in total, like 30 times less than normal?

Sorry about this we’re just reverting a change we made that did this by accident, will be done soon


Well spotted @dask @tulpaganger @JustDep and thanks for reporting it.

Thanks @James_g_memrise

@James_g_memrise @DW7 thanks for the fix, did you add some compensatory mechanism or did you reverse the bug by giving us too many points? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m getting an unusually high amount of points now

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I’m just a keen user and supporter.

As dask has mentiond, I also seem to be getting a lot more points than usual. This is happening on all the courses I use.

I’m getting too many points when doing Classical Review on the website. I seem to be getting the correct amounts of points doing Speed Review or Learning New Words in the app (I haven’t tried any of the other modes in the app or on the website).

Same with me. I’ve been getting more points than usual.

Hi all, can you give us a few more details on how many points you’re earning and how many you’re expecting? Please also confirm how long your sessions are, e.g.

  • 10 words Classic Review session, I received x number of points
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10 words Classical Review on the website, here are the points after each question (I got same results for two different sessions):

  1. 278
  2. 556
  3. 896
  4. 1174
  5. 1545
  6. 1823
  7. 2101
  8. 2379
  9. 2657
  10. 3131
    And 190 “bonus” points (the extra points you get after finishing).
    Total: 3321

Normally, it would be 150 points per question, + 200 bonus points, for a total of 1700.


Yeah, similar here

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