Claro meaning

In Spanish 1 level 3 The Basics 2 - ‘claro’ at this level used to be translated as ‘of course’.

Now it is consistently ‘light (colour)’ which I think is wrong for this context.

‘Claro’, in this case, is an adjective.

Example with a color:
El cielo es azul claro. > The sky is light blue.

Other examples:
Las ventajas de nuestro nuevo producto son claras. > The advantages of our new product are apparent.
Las ilustraciones de este manual son muy claras. > The illustrations in this manual are very clear.
Fue fácil comprender el texto simple y claro. > It was easy to understand the simple, direct text.

Yes but in this module the speakers are shrugging and saying claro obviously meaning ‘of course’. Until recently that is the translation that was given! It’s a colloquialism which is why I like Memrise so much.

So I still think it needs some mechanism telling it which translation is relevant in context. Same as ‘sei’ in Italian which I posted about on the Italian board.

I think Memrise is messing with its database. They are making big changes behind the scenes, that’s why you see these substitutions, which are incorrect in the context.

Good catch, thank you Emmaglaisher!
Indeed, we’ve recently merged learnables with the same value given a same learned language, as we had many duplicates slowing us down, and although they’ve all been reviewed by our linguists, it seems this one lost one of its meanings.
I’ve fixed it by making the translation light (colour); of course.
Sorry for the inconvenience, and happy learning!

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