[Chrome Extension] Save to Memrise


I would like to share a little browser extension with you. It allows saving a word or phrase from any web page to Memrise in a few clicks. Then, you can memorize them on decks.memrise.com.

I’m now learning a new language and I found Memrise really helpful to boost my vocabulary. I completed Memrise official courses but I want to learn more words. So, I’m reading news and other articles and saving unknown words to Memrise when I encounter them. I wrote this extension to make saving quicker: 1) select a word,
2) click “Save to Memrise” from the context menu,
3) type the translation and click “Save”.

By the way, it is open source. You are welcome to contribute:


This is very cool. Thanks for making this!

I’m encountering a problem where it’s not listing all of my own courses in the drop-down list. I think it’s showing the “incompleted” courses, but not the “unlisted” courses. I think it would be useful if it showed both!

Or I could just… change the setting on my course lol

Thank you for pointing out! I’ll have a look. Agree, it makes sense to show all own courses. Also, good to hide courses which are not editable.

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I created a bunch of unlisted and incomplete courses in order to reproduce the issue but they all are visible in the dropdown. Could you please find steps how to reproduce the issue? How many courses do you have?