[Chrome Extension] Memrise Monitor

After the old forums shut down this is me finally getting round to creating a new thread for this… the extension is still working fine and I find it super useful so it’s worth sharing!

The extension has three sections:
i) a goal setting thingy which is different from Memrise’s goal setting thingy
ii) review forecasts - so you know how much that upcoming holiday is going to screw you over with a huge backlog
iii) learning links - it’s like a better (quicker) version of the dashboard page

Archive of the old thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20160508135858/http://www.memrise.com/thread/1369581/

Link to the extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/memrise-monitor/gjiglgfpkbcmanfbjfmhblbbphndhgpc

Hopefully it’s all fairly self-explanatory when you go install it, but it probably isn’t so feel free to ask away if you’ve got questions!


I love using Memrise Monitor. Thanks for creating it!

Hi, love the app! One thing that bothers me is that course names longer than a certain length cause the review button to jump to the next row and don’t look particularly pleasant.

Would it be possible to make the entire pop up window bigger to account for this?

I’ve just pushed an update which should do that for you :thumbsup:


Memrise monitor is stuck at “Please wait…”

Have you installed for the first time or is this a new development? It’s still working for me currently.

First time

Are you using a mac? Could be something related to that… otherwise maybe try updating/restarting chrome.

I had to quit a few courses, My guess is that i had waay to many courses. It is working now. Thanks


I activated it today. Do I need to wait for the information to be populated in the charts or something? Do I need to keep the plugin on all the time so it can track progress continuously? Does it matter if I do the work on the app or on the web?

Can you explain a bit how to read it and how to use it?
The blue chart is, as I understand, predictions for the upcoming reviews so why is it empty?
What is orange? Difficult words?
I don’t think I learned any difficult words so why does it show like some work had been done there?

Are there other ways that you know to get detailed charts?

The three charts all display the same thing - how many items are upcoming for review. They cover three different timespans which are shown in labels on the left; if you hover over a data point you’ll get more info on it. The 6 month one has a scrollbar as 180 data points is a lot to show across a small width. They have different colours because I like colourful things :slight_smile:

The charts can be populated by clicking ‘Cache courses’ (little download icon on the right side) and selecting which courses you want to load into the forecast - when you first load the extension you should have been taken through this screen. It’s a manual process to kick off due the overhead required to do the processing. Alternatively by doing learning/review sessions on the web, the extension will pick up all those learning events and update the forecast. It will also sync recent activity across if you’re learning on multiple PCs (recent only because of storage limits on what chrome can sync). If you’re also using the app, that activity won’t get captured so you may have to cache courses to get up-to-date info. There’s a filter button also if you want to filter by certain courses.[quote=“Casper_duo, post:11, topic:7465”]
Are there other ways that you know to get detailed charts?

Potentially! Eveything currently there is stuff I thought would be useful or other people have suggested as being useful. Let me know if you have an idea of something to add :grin:

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Oh, I see. Now I feel like a dummy. I really didn’t get it at all at first.
That is super cool!
The weather forecast looks to be quite sunny with some ominous clouds on the horizon. :sweat_smile:
I love that. Forcast haha.
Great idea! Thanks for creating this.
The choice of colors is a bit questionable since they usually indicate at Memrise quite clearly other stuff.
Maybe it will be best to add some explanation? Just a suggestion.

Super helpful will also be a tracking of the count of the daily learned words, the count of daily reviewed words and the backlog remaining, the percentage of mistakes, and also a list of the most problematic words to give special attention too.

I will also add that I started also using the plugin Memrise on Steroids, which also has a chart, but it’s currently empty, so I’m still figuring out how to use that one, but you can check it first, to try to save on adding duplicate functionality, so that is why I mention it.

I will suggest also setting a separate learning event goal for learning and reviewing.

I’ve probably clicked it away without noticing.

I’ve seen somewhere a picture that you made your home screen to have a very compact view.
Can you direct me how can I do that? Thanks.

The ‘compact view’ dashboard is part of this script: https://github.com/cooljingle/memrise-css-tweaks

Thanks for the suggestions! I’d probably need to redesign things a little if I was to add extra charts and what-not so I’ll give it some thought when I have some time.

Setting an event goal doesn’t seem to respond. I’ve set it to 4000.
Maybe it will update itself for the next day, I’m not sure…

Edit: I was able to solve the issue. There are two ways to set it through the settings.
This is the way that didn’t work.

Hello there,

My extension isn’t connecting at all anymore to Memrise.

Is there a problem ?


Not that I’m aware of! I just tried viewing the forecast and caching courses and it seems to still work for me… did you do any resets or such like recently?

Thanks for your quick reply.

In fact yes, I tried to reset, then also cleared cache to the hilt. No luck.

It actually started a couple of weeks ago… then again today, complete halt.

Deactivated and reactivated the plugin… to no avail. Logged out, logged in.

It could be a firewall antispam problem, or that I just have too many courses and words.

It all started around the time Memrise changed the point system to funny birds, so I wondered if it was linked, but apparently not.

Thanks for your help.
I’m going to be away for awhile I’ll try again when I get back.


Any ideas how to get it to show upcoming items to review after selecting and caching the courses? Cause mine shows everything empty.

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Sup cooljingle, Thanks, and congrats on this awesome tool you’ve created.

Since the last update it stopped projecting study sessions accurately. Every day memrise shows me items due for watering that are not reflected on the extension.