Cheating by Zion21

I guess I was wrong. Sorry to have raised concerns.

This person is also studying dozens of totally different languages :-). Either a super-genius who does not sleep or then something else.

Maybe he is not cheating:

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I second @theblueguy’s assumption. It seems that you’re referring to this course, @AtlaniSanskrita:

On the course’s leaderboard I can see that @Zion21 (sadly not on the forum) acquired less than 100k points so far in total, with 55k this week. That really isn’t extraordinary at all.
That said, there’s people who learn less and/or slow and those who learn more and/or quicker, etc…
Zion21 also has more than 100mio. points so far and 65k words learned, so he might just as well be simply both a quick learner and diligent! :slight_smile:

If someone is scoring more points than you, it does not exactly mean that this user is cheating. I agree with Olaf: 100k points in total and 60k per week is in no way an extraordinary result. Some people here are scoring a lot more.