Cheat courses

It has come to my attention that there are more and more people making courses like 1=1,2=2,3=3 or even 4=4. even now, the person next to me is making one

And what is the point? Did you ask what they get from it?


they just get tons of extra points :imp:his name is [deleted] no personal info please (spoiler, he is my friend)

You guys must be bored to talk about the same things all the time… Can’t you go on “kik” or some other chat app for your entertainment ?


Nothing wrong I think with pointing out cheating courses – similar threads have existed in the past – but please link them so action can be taken by staff (in the event they want to).

And then also don’t just focus on one user, as that would feel like a witch-hunt.

just because someone makes a course like that, doesn’t mean you have to use it, you should just ignore it, I do :smile:

I do agree, I also ignore it, at least I try to, but I do know that if I’m gonna try it myself anxiety is going to take over and I would just need to get a double dose of my clonazepam… anxiety is ruining my life…

@Knould111 Why would you get anxious for this?
I suggest that you listen to this, it is very relaxing!

@Joshua @beatrisy I have found a cheat course that must be deleted:
it must be deleted: it is driving me nuts, both at the amount of schoolmates I have using cheats and they amount of points they are getting, as they try to cheat and beat me just because i have the most points at my school.
someone answer and delete the course by 25 march.

Memrise should add a “Report course” button so courses can be reported to the staff straight from the course page. And it would be nice if a course would be automatically deactivated (temporarily) if enough people report it in a short enough time window. So it would be deactivated until reviewed by the staff.

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Yeah it’s stupid they are learning nothing.

Hey, I’ve now deleted the course.

Feel free to private me these users and I’ll have a look into their accounts.

This would be a nice feature, but I believe it can easily be abused causing legit courses to be automatically deactivated due to mischievous users spamming the report button. I wouldn’t expect this feature to be created any time soon but I’ll mention it to the team.


Thanks. :slight_smile: Perhaps when the course has been reviewed and re-approved by the staff it cannot be auto-deactivated again for a set amount of time, for example 1 month. That would be very detrimental to potential abuse.

THANK YOU! :grin:
However another course was made:
it needs deleting

What is a cheating course???

I have noticed these two courses:

@Joshua @beatrisy these need deleting
Thank you for your concern
PS: Made it to 5 Million Points! :partying_face:

Thanks for the tag. Beatrisy has left the QA team quite a while ago, so you’re left with me. :smiley:

I’ve now deleted both courses. Looks like we’ll never know who will win the PS4 pro.