Chatbots or grammarbots in korean courses?

Hi I’m sure someone has asked this before, I just couldn’t find anything. But are there chatbots/grammarbots for the korean courses? I’m on Korean 1 (lesson 8) so maybe I’m still too early? Would appreciate any help, thank you!

Hi @lilmseinstein :slight_smile:

There was an FAQ (Memrise Support) for chatbot and grammabot, but the link does not work anymore.

But I remember that grammabot only worked for some selected official courses: French, Spanish (Spain), German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. Korean was not on that list.

Chatbot had more courses, but I do not remember if Korean was on the list.

There is a new grammar mode that is in the testing phase, but at least in the initial announcement, made in November (see below), Korean was not on the list yet.


Thank you so much @Milamy for replying! I hope they add Korean to the lists soon, cause grammar is the main thing I wanna focus on right now lol thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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