Chatbot + Learn With Locals Issue... Feel Cheated

(Tom) #1

I am a Pro member with Memrise and use the Android app and the web.

I have never been able to use the Chatbot feature at all and still don’t know how to access it.

Learn With Locals videos do not load anymore. Please fix.

I study the Mandarin Chinese Course.

I also feel that as an Android and web user, I’m missing out on features that are only available if you have an iPad or an iPhone. You have new Learn With Locals videos and Explore, but they’re not available to me. I feel cheated!

(Olaf Rabbachin) #2

This seems to be one of a ton of very obnoxious bugs that we currently have to live with (rant skipped).

What I can “offer” as a work around is to tap into a lesson and then tap the learn with locals button. It doesn’t always work for me, but sometimes it does. I don’t see any pattern.
On a side note, this doesn’t apply to the Chinese course which I’m not taking, but to a bunch of other language courses.

(only one user) #3

Hello @thomasrcwhite23. Chatbots are a Pro feature available in courses created by Memrise, but only on selected languages pairs . You can find a complete list at this link:

Web version:


You can read other Memrise Pro features at:

(Joëlle Smits) #4

I had the same problem. I was like: “Wow I want pro now they have these function (chatbot, grammarbot)”, so I took a one year subscription. I went to my German for Dutch Speakers memrise course and I couldn’t find the chatbot. So I was like were is it? I googled and found out these function are only available in a few language pairs. I guess they forgot to tell my in the pro-tab in the app with all the function displayed that it is only available in a few courses.