Changing Username

How can I change my username? I’m having issues with it.


In the web version, go to your settings and you can then see your username and change it. In the app, go to settings and then choose “Edit profile”.



you mean like this page?

You can’t change the username yourself - you’ll have to ask a member of the Memrise staff to do this for you. You can only change your “full name”.

Hi Olaf,

You can’t on Decks (the fields are blocked) but you can on Memrise. I tried it with my second account and received an email asking me to confirm the change. However, to avoid the risk of losing my history for that account (OP AND OTHERS PLEASE NOTE), I changed back to the original username.


That one is for your forum account, which is separate from your learning account. There is a settings area in your learning account.


Oh, I thought this was about the forum account, not the Memrise account. Sorry for confusing you guys!

You can of course change both email address and username in the Memrise account itself, just go to:


Actually, I now think it’s me who misunderstood! If it’s about the forum username, I think you are right that it’s necessary to ask - presumably via



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