Changing the daily goal

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  • Description of the issue: Previously it was possible to change the daily goal while already having started such a goal for the same course. This way, I could adjust my learning efforts in case I would have a particularly busy study/work/travel week. Recently, Memrise seems to have removed this option and put me back at the slowest Daily Goal level (1,500 points), while it was at 6,000 points a day.

Does anyone know of a way to still change the daily goal to higher/lower level, without restarting the course/quitting the course. I’d like to keep my streak going.

  • Your device and browser details Chrome, web-based Memrise.
  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue Memrise community course Duolingo Danish, but I’m sure it carries over to Memrise-owned courses and other community courses to.

Hi @AncienProteins, thanks for your post! You can change your daily goal by clicking on the Edit goal button on the course on your dashboard. If you look here at the bottom, there is a screenshot highlighting the button :slightly_smiling_face: