Changing from hebrew block letters to cursive handscript

Hi, it is possible somehow to change the block hebrew letters format to cursive ? What should I do in my course to allow this switch to occur randomly ?

This is my course in which I would like to do this kind of random switch:


Unforunately, Memrise has no (native) function to change the script or font or style. Would be a good idea for a future request though.

There have been some questions on this forum about size of a certain script, such as Kanzi as well; I believe some users fixed that by changing the css sheet in Firefox or Chrome, but I’ve never dug into the tech details, so I wouldn’t know.


I think [for now] the only way is to use a virtual keyboard with kursiv letters
but that’s very, very awkward. And a lot of work.
for example this one

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I just don’t understand how to “copy and paste” those cursive letters into memrise since it would convert them to block letters once I paste. Thanks.