Changes to Speed Review for Android Users

To keep our systems up to date, in line with other platforms (iOS and web) and running more efficiently for our users, we have rebuilt Speed Review on Android.

Due to this, users may notice some changes when using this mode. These include:

  • The removal of the marking difficult words/ignoring words. This wasn’t a great user experience as the timer did not stop when using the feature which added more pressure for the user. This also does not appear in Speed Review on web or iOS, so removing this improves parity across platforms. Users will still be able to mark these at the end of a Speed Review session on Android, however.

  • The new Speed Review has not been built to support User-Generated courses. However, Android users will still be navigated to the old Speed Review for UGC’s (note you may notice a small flickering when launching this).

  • Literal translations have also been removed in this iteration of Speed Review. This aligns with iOS and web. However, this is temporary and we’re working towards having it built in to Speed Review on all platforms.

  • Changes to multiple choice layout. Multiple choice options will now all be in a 2x2 grid formation, aligning again with iOS.

Please let us know if you experience any issues or bugs with the new Speed Review rebuild :slightly_smiling_face:


When doing a speed review on an official course if there are no words for review the same words/phrases are shown for every review.
I.E. if i repeat the speed review again I get the same selection of words/phrases again and in the same order.
I tried this on two devices a samsung galaxy tablet and a galaxy phone.

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Classic review is affected, too. Items in chosen level are showing up in the same order as they are sitting in this level.

Interesting that it’s no longer possible to speed review selected level, I see words from different levels instead.

@MemriseSupport , do you have a destruction department with a sole purpose of destroying something useful? Looks like the busiest guys in your office.

This change is definitely a change for the worse … again. When I did my sessions this morning, I noticed that the fading effect between two words (already quite distracting) is now followed by a briefly blank screen, which is even more irritating.
This actually didn’t happen with all courses. I guess around 80% of my courses are community courses, so this might have happened with Memrise courses only, didn’t see a pattern yet.

Also, removing the possibility to (un-) flag DWs is not only uncalled for, it is degrading the app. So, instead of fixing the (very old) bug that prevented you from flagging/unflagging DWs, your best solution now is to no longer let us do that anymore at all?
Also, the summary after a SR is only shown after you complete the session. If you stop the session (for whatever reason), you’ll thus no longer be able to flag/unflag DWs at all.

The worst “amendment” though is that you can no longer SR through a given level - this is what I do every single day in finished courses!

You leave me speechless once more … :pensive:

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Oh, and while we’re at it - I noticed that a regular review session took me through more words than expected. For instance, say there were 10 words up for review, a review session didn’t stop after those 10 words but continued instead. I was thinking that I might have done something wrong, but with those changes, I suppose I didn’t and simply encountered a new bug …

Again, I didn’t see any definitive pattern, it only happened a few times. But then again, I mostly SR through words up for review.

While it’s not easy to mark difficult words during speed review, but it’s possible, and removal of difficult words from SR is even worse. For instance, I’m marking following items after incorrect answers, so I can find them. Now people should remember their DW to mark them after completing SR, which is certainly complicating this situation, and to browse 100 or 150 words list is not good.


Absolutely! And if the developers are working on the SR, why wouldn’t they first fix the fact that the app simply does nothing when you give a wrong answer - neither audio nor a stop - the app just moves on. This is effectively counteracting the learning experience.

Pretty-please fix the bugs first before removing things that you guys think are bad or unnecessary …

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Exactly. Nor we see wrong answers after a session.

Hi all, thanks for the feedback. We’ve decided to disable the new Speed Review for users older than 3 months until the next release while we work on some of the points you have raised. Here are our immediate findings:

  • Speed Review sessions repeating- this has now been fixed by our developers and will be included in this week’s Android release.

  • Speed Review no longer possible on specific levels - it appears this is only happening for user-generated courses. A fix is being investigated by the Android team now.

  • Issues with Classic Review- no changes made to Speed Review should have affected Classic Review and we are unable to reproduce the issues mentioned. Would you be able to post a separate thread with further details on what you see here? That would be much appreciated!

  • Removal of Difficult Words/Ignore in session- Including this in the update would have meant rebuilding it into the new Speed Review; it isn’t just a case of us taking it out. This needed to be prioritised against other ongoing work and as we have mentioned, we need to continue to improve consistency between platforms. That said, we’ve taken on board your comments and can sympathise with why the removal of this feature is frustrating, so we’re going to continue to monitor user feedback on this.

I hope this clears up some of your concerns. Please continue to let us know if you spot any other potential bugs on Speed Review :slightly_smiling_face:


It appears you have fixed this issue.

Please, disregard my previous comment.

I still see this problem on Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, Android 11, the latest Memrise app version.

Hi @MemriseSupport
Pausing speed review by switching to another app does not function properly.
When I do a speed review session and need to pause the session I normally switch to another app which has the effect of pausing the session. when I switch back the session will continue as normal.
However now with the official memrise courses this does not behave the same. If I pause the session and switch back sometimes i get a blank screen and sometimes i cannot select the correct answer. I will also loose 2 hearts. The session sometimes also ends prematurely.

User generated courses are still ok.
This seems to mostly happen if I select another app /pause when i have just selected an answer.

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hi there :slight_smile: thank you so much for all you guys do - this app definitely helps me so much! I must admit though that I reeeeeeally really miss the audio-function in the speed review. The languages I’m learning all are dependant on learning the vowels off-by-heart as the written language more or less only writes the consonants (eg. Arabic or Aramaic and Hebrew etc.) So hearing the word is not only a “nice-feature” but actually extremely central to learning. Is there any way this could be made optional (the audio function)? thank you in advance for your consideration!

Hi @annijoy,

I think others have made the similar comment.

On the App, I just do a normal review (getting the audio) and do them as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your feedback @annijoy! We’ve now created a ticket for your request to enable audio on Speed Review sessions. This will be grouped with similar comments from other customers, which we’ll share with the relevant team so they can take them into consideration for future updates (as this is applicable for other platforms too). I have also added your comments to the list of feedback we are collecting on the Speed Review rebuild for Android in particular. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


What exactly are you saying? We have audio in speed reviews as we always had. Did I miss something?

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Thank you very much!

Hi again,

Apologies for the confusion. It sounds like users are getting different experiences here. I’d like to get some more information to check if there’s a bug:

@annijoy @DW7 can you confirm if it’s on Android you are not hearing audio on Speed Review? It is true that courses that have audio should play the audio after each correct and incorrect answer.
On web, only when a user selects the correct answer will the audio play afterwards.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @MemriseSupport, I don’t do Speed Review, so I don’t know what is normal.
I was just trying to offer @annijoy a way around it.