Changes to course not propagated to app

I’ve been pulling my hair about an issue for quite some time now: I extended someone else’s course (a new column containing a literal translation). While I was able to see the new column on the web, it didn’t show up on Android. I assumed that something in the column’s setup wasn’t right.

But after amending another/different course (with changes to the original column’s contents) I now found out that it’s for a completely different reason: changes to courses are obviously not being propagated to the app!
The only work-around to this so far is to log out of the app and log back in. While this is an absurdity in itself you’ll also loose all your downloaded courses and have to re-download them, the by far worst aspect is that you’ll need to actually know that a course was changed! Now how are you supposed to deal with this when there’s a ton of courses that get updated and/or extended quite frequently? Go through logging out and logging in once a week?

This is probably the most serious bug (and there’s now quite a few of them!) I’ve encountered over the last few months. @MemriseSupport / @MemriseMatty : please fix this or provide at least a means of explicitly updating courses!


I don’t know which platform you are using, but on the iOS platform this has been an issue for years now. The recommendation to delete the app, restart iOS device and re-install the Memrise app, is not exactly consumer-friendly.

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Have you got the latest update of the app on your phone?

I regularly make changes to four community-created courses and they usually show up at the latest after an update. I get updates for memrise about once a week and after the updates I nearly always see the changes I have made.

But I have also seen updated entries before an updated, if I recall correctly.

It kind of makes sense that there has to be an app update before changes made on the web version appear on the app version, if you ask me, so I would check whether you have the most recent version of the app on your phone.

No, there should be no need for an app update if courses change. The app should query for new and modified entries and update the local caches. ABC of software engineering.


Thanks for the information, I don’t know much about software engineering :smiley:

There’s also the end user issue of someone correcting their courses, Memrise courses or private ones, but the corrections are never received so the course taker learns a totally wrong word or construct. So I would classify this as a P1 bug (serious) but it’s up to Memrise to prioritize if they want to fix this, or add new features, or new graphics/animation…


I have limited experience of the app as I prefer the web, but my only comment is that if one downloads a course, it is obviously a snapshot at the time of downloading (with possible mistakes) but I agree with what I think Rinchen is saying, that it would be nice if the mobile user was warned that the course needs to be downloaded again because there is a newer version.

I also agree, ideally using a mobile and re-starting (opening) the app, it ought to look at the latest version if one is looking at the on-line live version via the app (rather than a downloaded version).


Yes, it’s not so hard to fix this. Just ask the server for new data and install it.

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Uhm, I posted this in the Android Bugs section. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what this is about and one of the reasons why it’s such an important bug!

Now that does sound interesting. I know for sure that in my case, the new column “survived” several updates without showing up. But a new column of a course is much different from updated content in existing columns (which was what triggered my search for reasons)

FWIW, this is the case for me - I download all courses that I am actively working on. However, I tried to re-download them of course. Didn’t work in either case (new column / updated content in an existing column).
And after logging off and on again I have (once again) the problem of not being able to download all courses (i. e. one of the “5000 words” courses won’t download).
Edit: might be a problem that applies to (word-wise) extensive courses, see this bug report.


As there hasn’t been any response by the team (may I say, as usual?), that is, @MemriseSupport / @MemriseMatty, I’ll add you too, @Joshua as this is (at least) an Android-related problem, and IMO one of the most severe problems to date!

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No response from you Memrise guys yet?

FWIW, I’ve listed this bug along with a whole bunch of others here