Change Location of Next Button

Dear Decks,

On the Memrise website, the “Next” button for Classic Review is in the upper right hand corner of the page, near the flower pot. But in Decks, it is al the way at the bottom of the page. When using an iPad, if the list of options is long or goes to the bottom of the screen, I have to scroll down in order to click the next button.

  1. It just seems to be an inconvenient location, whereas in Memrise, the next button was “always there” except in cases in which the definitions were very long and I had to scroll back up.

  2. Sometimes, because of delays in answering or simply delays in the connection, just as I am about to click the next button, the screen will change to the next flash card and when I try to click “Next” I actually click a wrong definition.

Please move the “Next” button back up top, like it is in Memrise.

Thank you.