Cebuano Resources List - aka Binisaya / Visaya / Bisaya

NEW - Aug 2016



Although it’s currently the third biggest wikipedia language with 15-20 million speakers, it’s hard to get learning resources for Bisaya.

List of some resources (especially web reader)
Various audio bibles (apps)
Tom Marking (grammar)
Mormon - Cebuano Language Objectives
A70.pdf by Meiklejohn (spelling?)

Most importantly of course… (can get to list of Cebuano courses from link at top)

I’m working on creating a new Cebuano grammar course at the moment. Currently up to 400+ words and I’ve barely covered anything!


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Sep 2016.

Which courses have audio?

I recommend listening first.

Librovox Vicente Rama “si amboy”. Bible lots of new testament.

Best YouTube so far

40 plus videos. One done today

Great youtube grammar videos for Cebuano / Bisaya

I used Udemy and took a course from Aron wooly it was very helpful as he is a native english speaker who has good grammar and understands how to explain things to us. my fiancee is a teacher and said there is no official visaya book or doctrine and they are trying to bring it back into schools and all of their textbooks are written in english or Tagalog. Thats why there are so few resources. I posted here because the only visaya learning course out there is on memrise, and its not really very helpful. with no audio its not possible to learn especially pronunciation or recognizing words spoken. only written. also the “help me learn this” are all trash all wrong and you cant edit them.