Categories have disappeared


I’ve been using Memrise for some years now, and I noticed a few months ago that it is not possible to choose courses that are not languages on the app anymore. Is it a bug and will it stay like this? It is weird that I haven’t seen any topic about this issue.

Thanks for your help.

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Hey I was about to post on this same issue myself with the android app. Like the IOS app I can now only search languages. I’m not sure if it is actually a bug or if memrise are quietly killing off the other topics and user generated courses?



You can still access courses created by fellow learners by heading over to the Courses page in the website. Once you start learning there, the course will be added to your app.


Sure. Who needs to find minority languages and courses anyway? The next step: The number of users for these courses has dropped significantly, so let’s just get rid of them altogether.


Thank you for your answer,
May I know the reason why you have removed the access on phones, and if it will ever get back?

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what a shame!

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And easy to fix with a global search feature in the iOS app that would take one day to implement…

I hope the user created courses will be added into the app categories again. I have no problem with the official courses being on top but I mostly use user created courses and I don’t want to have to go to a browser to find the course I want to use in the app.