Carpe Lanam Latin - is there audio?

I am new to memrise and I have been trying to figure out if the Carpe Lanam Latin course is supposed to have audio? Sorry if this is a redundant question, but I want to make sure my PC is configured correctly for taking the course. I have learned that some courses do not have audio, I was wondering if this Latin course does or not. Thanks so much for any help,

Hi @lepus99 and welcome to the forum,

Items that have one (or more) audio files attached display this symbol (one speaker symbol for each audio file):

If the course description doesn’t say whether or not it has audio, you can check by using ‘preview’ mode. To do this, once you have viewed at least one item in the course, click on the ‘Options’ button on any Level page and then select ‘Preview’. You can then scroll through the items in that level using the ‘Next’ button. To exit from ‘Preview’, click on the pause button and then ‘Save and Exit’. From a quick look at a couple of the early levels in your Latin course, it doesn’t seem to have any audio but you might want to check a few other levels to be sure.