Caroline.Jackson.9659's Courses

Making this topic in hopes Caroline will see this!
I’m really glad these courses have been made, thank you! I just have a request the addition of audio (using something like Forvo perhaps)!

Hi Leoithne27

Wow, I didn’t realise anyone had made a forum topic just about my courses! I don’t look at the forums very often - well hardly ever - so apologies for not seeing this til now, and hope you see my reply.

First, thanks for appreciating my courses. I make them to help myself in my quest to become fluent in reading and speaking Bengali. I try to read some Bengali every day and write down the words I don’t know and put them in a course so I can learn them. There weren’t many courses on Bengali when I started on memrise and even now there aren’t too many with more advanced vocab. I share the courses publicly in the hopes that they might also help others, so it is good to know they are.

On the audio point, I don’t know that many native speakers willing to help me and at least when I started on this project (learning for 6 years now) Forvo didn’t have audio for lots of these words either. If you would like to help me record audio on a particular course, I’d be happy to add you as a contributor!

Do stay in touch - and if anyone else spots errors or has suggestions, just let me know

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