I am new to this forum though I have used Ainu and Karelian and today ,because of Typhoon Talim ,I am stranded with my Computer at home and so decided to go deeper into memrise The main thing is despite Karelian Karjalan courses I found it difficult to gather all info on Ainu and Karelian because the Search field would not give any results , only result would you like to create one ,? No but please do some search field tweek ,I do not know how they work ,but Baas helped me because he is teaching 221 languages and he classifies them Memrise does not for Uralic Finno -ugri I found Mari and Sakha after 3 hours so it seems that there is a Russian guy working there in London and he must start to introduce Russian federation Languages ,and also we should get points for helping memrise,The one reason I do not pay fee is because I am poor and live from Japanese social and not allowed to send Social security money out of Japan only stamps and Passport fee phone call must be paid by person outside and any work done for company outside Japan by computer is not permitted.

Would like to appeal to other Ainu and Uralic ,Siberian learners to get memries to properly able search for these languages.