Capacity Limits? Learned Large Number of Words Accurately for Months

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You are not going to be as accurate in other lang’s vs your native. You need to accept this fact. Especially if you don’t live in X, Y, Z.[/quote]
I wrote of a learning rate with a very low error rate, let’s say 2% caused by accidental presses and the like.
Never due to not recalling when typing.

Then with same conditions suddenly it increased. The Overlord who wrote in the thread got it.

Now I have no data for English as I do not need to learn it, but I would actually expect my error rate to be higher, due to the abysmal spelling inflicted on the English writer, not less. On the other hand, I only learn a new word every few weeks or months nowadays.

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  1. No I don’t as I have written a few times. I have multiple experiences of living abroad.
  2. You need to quote and be specific, I think you have misunderstood something.

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On No. 1: Sorry, this is a really really long thread and I cannot recall all the details in it. Thanks for taking the time to confirm.

On No. 2: You are right, you didn’t write anything about learning an L2 being the same as learning our L1. It must have been someone else somewhere else.

I am very sorry about that; I should have checked first. I have deleted what I wrote as it is not relevant to this thread.

All the best and good luck getting over your plateau!


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No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mulling over what people have said and not finding a very convenient way to go through the cards sets, but doing Speed Reviews then marking cards as tricky when required.

I decided to try filling in possible holes in my German vocab, with parallel learning of multiple sets:

Rather than working through sequentially, as I believe I already know completely > 95% of the vocab in the decks, that mixes learning longer more advanced phrases with the simple stuff. I can switch between sections easily and the review queue fed with German entries, without messing up languages I have less history with.

That increases the rate of learning & review of cards to account for pre-knowledge, a feature sadly missing in Memrise is a marker on introducing a card “known for short or long while already”. If it could credit you with consolidation but schedule review to check, it truly is known.

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Instead of speed review, you could download the scripts to disable the timer & make everything multiple choice, hence your normal review becomes speed review without the countdown…

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How long have you been doing this? Have you met native speakers of Dutch?

I went once so far, after ~5 months of Memrise & Duolingo. I understood maybe 5-10% of what was being said, ha! But people were nice, and patient, so I’ll go again next month, even if it’s just to sit there listening for the most part.

happened to find a Swedish evening class

Lucky you! Dutch doesn’t seem to be in high demand anywhere, so there are no Dutch courses available here that I can find, unless I go with a private tutor (and I’d prefer to be in a group setting).

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Hey Richard, you might try Bliubliu it has Dutch & Afrikaans in BETA (means incomplete courses but an opportunity to build basic texts, have them checked & audio added by natives). The idea of Bliubliu is graded reading after a vocab test, the text usually has native audio or video and failing that a robo-voice is available. It may have the native speakers speaking unnaturally slowly, but that makes for good listening practice to a vareity of voices.

But I’ve found italki lessons a big help, I took Spanish in a class and even 1 hour a week 1:1 was worth more than 2x2hr of group classes. At first I was really tired when I only spoke/heard “target” language, because it needed so much concentration.

Another option, is HelloTalk, you might find Dutch learning English, who’ll be very happy to help the rare person learning their language.

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Especially the suggestion at 03:30 onward: lots and lots of input, listing, reading, controlled so it’s not too hard…
I really concur with this, especially, if also spending some time memorizing to keep them in your mind.