Can't use "learn new words" in app

(sorry for spelling mistakes)
I’ve been using Memrise on my phone and on my computer. Also, everything’s fine on my computer. But on the app, the feature “learn new words” isn’t available. It says “words and phrases” but it’s only a pro-feature. I don’t like the timer when learning with the website.
I tried uninstalling and installing but it didn’t work. It says I didn’t finish the first lesson but I can revise other lessons I already did (even tho they’re locked in the app)

Is there any way to fix this?

Hi @cloudyy_night and welcome to the forum,

You can turn off the timer in the web version by going to your settings and then choosing “Learning”.

In the app, there is a ‘pay wall’ in the official Memrise courses which requires you to pay for the Pro version to progress in the course. As an alternative, you could look for suitable community-created courses. There are many very good ones. If you commence these on the web version, they will sync to your app and you can continue learning them there.

Hope this helps.