Can't use Audio Test

Hello everyone.
I can’t use Audio Test when i use Regular review.
Help me?

Looks fine to me! Are you sure that you are working on a course that has audio? Do you hear sound in other applications?

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Audio should play - if the course you’re using has it - in normal review mode. However, if you want something like this:


then try the purple button (also comes up under “More”).


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This is my course.

But audio still works when I study on Android devices and it shows as your this photo .
It just doesn’t work when I use the web browser.

Which browser are you using? It should work on both Chrome and Firefox. I do think that I had problems with other browsers but not sure which one it was, maybe Opera or IE or Edge.


I have used both Chrome and Firefox but the audio still doesn’t work.

Could you share a link to the course, so that we can find out whether the problem is because of the course or your browser.

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I have audio in learn new words mode. I’m using Firefox. I’m sorry I can’t help much.

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It might be because of an extension. This has been a problem in Chrome.


Provided that a course has audio, is the ‘Listening Skills’ option not something the course creator makes available?

I can’t find the setting for that if it is.

Under ‘Edit Course’ -> ‘Details’ there is an option ‘Audio mode enabled’ (just above the ‘Save’ button). I have checked that one for a course I created and I do get Audio question/answers.

Is that one turned ON for your course?

BUT: only a course CREATOR can toggle this bit, a CONTRIBUTOR cannot.