Can't turn off sound effects

Hello - I reinstalled the Memrise App. Now “Sound effects” (irritating indeed) are always turned on. I can go to settings, turn off it off. Go back to a course and they the Sound effects are back on. Check “Settings” and indeed Sound effects are back to on again. Reinstalled, but still same problem. Thanks for any feedback - Eddie

I also have this problem. Android version 2.94_16098_memrise

Same here. Uninstalled/reinstalled. Really annoying.

The same. Hopefully, will be fixed in the next release.

@MemriseSupport, @MemriseMatty, @JBorrego: can you see into this please?

We are aware of this problem and we are actively trying to fix it, will let you know when we get it done


Hello my last update 2.94_16311_memrise fixed the problem - thanks