Can't start an added course

(Merryadocb5) #1

I wanted to restart a course I had alreday finished.
So I selected the option “Restart” to reset my learning history.
Unfortunately this did not synchronize in the app.
I deleted the course to add it again, hoping this would make it work.
Now the course is back and “new”, but I can’t start it. I only get error codes.

Thanks for your help.

(⊂◉‿◉つ) #2

Hm, which phone are you using? An Android phone? If so, @Joshua could help. Or @MemriseMatty. Hope this is resolved
ML. :slight_smile:

(Merryadocb5) #3

Yes, it’s an android.
@MemriseMatty or @Joshua have you heard of this problem before?

(Joshua) #4

Hey, can you try to log out and back into the application. Probably the progress is still stored on your device and needs a forced refresh.

(Merryadocb5) #5

Thank’s @Joshua. I now de- and reinstalled the whole thing and that finally worked.

(Joshua) #6

Amazing news!!! :sunny: