Can't see custom courses

Hi all,

With the latest update I can’t see user created courses on mobile app any more. Only Memrise-created official courses can be seen. There is no problem on web version. Btw my IOS version 11.2.1. Anyone encountering the same issue?

Seems to be intentional, the staff is aware.

@Foorgol, thanks for the quick reply. Yes, categories except for the language have gone. But I was talking about non-official language courses. There are loads of user-created English courses for native Turkish speakers. They are not visible on mobile app no longer.

That is what he meant, only the official courses are visible in the app under the categories now so you need to browse for and join the courses in your web browser.
They will hopefully restore the functionality so we again can see the non-official courses when looking in the categories in the app.

Jeez! What did they do that for? Do I have to use web interface?

Just to locate the courses, once you have started a non-official course you can use it in the app.

This is highly annoying. When going to the website on mobile, I am constantly redirected back to the app, preventing me entirely from selecting user-generated courses. Not very impressed.

Yes, the best part of staggered repetition is to make your own personal courses. And Memrise does not want to promote that feature in the iOS apps, or makes life hard, even for paid customers, to configure their iOS apps.

I have same problem, but when I added my course in website course doesn’t show up in android application. anyone can help me with this problem??

Try the following:

  • first, make sure that you’re using the same account (email address) on both the website and your device
  • clear the cache (go to your device’s settings, then apps, locate Memrise and clear the cache there; the exact procedure depends on your device)
  • if the problem persists, uninstall the app, reboot your phone, install again

In general, just to be safe: you have to start a community course on the web first (i. e. learn the first bunch of words). After that, you should see the course on your device.