Can't scroll after sessions to see words/leaderboard

After a session when it displays the words reviewed/learned or the leaderboard, I’ve found that I can’t scroll down to see them, and I can’t tell if it’s marked as difficult.


Thanks @maggiekarp!
It sounds like you’re also seeing this one

We have a bug for it in our backlog and will let you know when it’s resolved.


I had this happen to me when using Decks on my phone.

I did a speed review (just for fun to see what the experience was like, which was mostly good, btw, better than on the memrise app) and when I was done, I could only see the first few words that had been reviewed, but couldn’t scroll down to see what the words were.

Thanks @kevin5284 - Yes I reported this here:

Decks website is live!


After completing a level or session I can not scroll down (nor page down) to see how I did past what is currently shown on the screen.

Nor how others have done (on the next screen).

UNLESS I minimise the screen font size aka zoom out.


If you use TamperMonkey or a similar browser plugin that can execute scripts after pages load, it’s easy to fix. You just need it to do: = 'auto' = 'auto'

I am having the same problem, and it is really annoying. The only way that I can see the words I was just practicing is if I make the print on the page really small. That really impedes my learning experience when it is so tedious to try to see the words I was just studying that I do not bother when I would really like to check certain words that I did not recognize or had difficulty with. I have generally been using Google Chrome Version 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Mac OS 10.13.6. Having just tested this on my other browsers, I found that I also have the same problem when I use Firefox Quantum 67.0b19 (64-bit), Safari Version 12.1 (13607. or Opera Version:58.0.3135.127.

If you’re using Chrome then Tampermonkey with the above script for all pages on* will work.

The problem is body { overflow: hidden } in your css file. Just change it to auto and everything is fine, except it causes a double scroll bar for pages where the html element has overflow: scroll, so that should use auto too.

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I know that not being able to see the course leader board after a session is still on the outstanding issues list. See > Post above <

Cc @kevin5284

But thank you for all the other Decks web issues that have been fixed.


Sorry that it’s taken us a while to fix this one - it’s still on the radar and we expect it to be done in the next month or two.


Hi all, this issue of not being able to scroll on the session complete screen should now be fixed.
Let me know if you are still seeing issues