Can't record audio

I can’t record audio. I keep getting this message - have downloaded the latest Adobe Flash, restarted browser and computer but still nothing. :disappointed_relieved: image

Same here…

I do not know how to solve the problem, but there is a similar previous topic with some considerations:

Managed to get it to work - I really don’t know how - suddenly it started working ok. I would say maybe the computer needed restarting, but I had tried that and it didn’t work. Maybe after several restarts it clicked that flash was installed, though that doesn’t seem probable.

Still cannot record audio. Any idea how could this be?

Hey there,

there are a number of forum threads with this long outstanding issue. The recording tool is written in Flash. We have been unable to fix it for a long time. We are currently working on getting this fixed with more modern technologies but it will take us a little bit of time. Apologies for the inconveniences, we will update you here and in all the different threads in a few weeks when we have finished implementing the new tool


As much as I like this platform I find this rather incomprehesible. THis might be the only major website without an audio solution. I am afraid to say that unfortauntaly it is time to jump ship.

Good luck

Record audio on your laptop and upload. Better way as you could use noise cancellation tools and otherwise polish/cut the contents so it sounds better. I would never use any built-in recorder tools as they are too crude.

I.e. Audacity is your friend.

The problem is that that means recording hundreds of files. It defies belief that at a time in which recording unto any application is one of the most mundane operations offered accross the web it has taken Memrise over three years to figure out a solution. The supposition is that they simply do not much care.

Recording to computer, adjusting levels (normalization), removing noise levels and edit start/end points will sound much better for your course takers than quickly taken audio recordings. Yes, it will take some time, but it will sound more professional.

Added a fix for this here: Audio Recording Fix