Can't record audio file

I had a bunch of courses that I created for my students, and for my personal use. They’ve migrated over to Decks. But I need to upload audio files, and I can no longer use the record feature. I’m on chrome on a MacBook Pro. This is super frustrating. Is this feature no longer available, or am I running into some sort of technical difficulty?

Hi @MadameRivero :slight_smile:

I searched the forum and found these posts:

You can read the other posts in this topic: "Record" button does nothing at all on Decks, but now works on Memrise

Courses can still be accessed at both Memrise and Decks. So while the problem is not fixed, you can continue to record the audio in Memrise.


Hi - We are aware of the issue. I’ve requested an update from our developers, hoping to hear back shortly.


Any updates on the problems with the record option? I still get nothing on Decks. On the original Memrise site it seemingly allows me to record a file, but then gets stuck on the “processing audio” phase.

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Unfortunately we do not have any progress on this issue, and it still remains broken. The only solution we have at this time would be to record audio manually (via another app or service) and upload audio that way.

We do not know when or if recording audio directly via Memrise on Decks will be resolved. We’ll be sure to update you if we see any progress.


Rick, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but seeing that this seems to be the only type of answer that is coming from officials: can you give us any insight on what you (resp. the devs) actually do spend their time with? I’d seriously like to know, no pun intended!

Hi – have there been any updates here? I’m still getting stuck at the “Processing audio” stage both on Decks and normal for a new course.