Can't record audio file

I had a bunch of courses that I created for my students, and for my personal use. They’ve migrated over to Decks. But I need to upload audio files, and I can no longer use the record feature. I’m on chrome on a MacBook Pro. This is super frustrating. Is this feature no longer available, or am I running into some sort of technical difficulty?

Hi @MadameRivero :slight_smile:

I searched the forum and found these posts:

You can read the other posts in this topic: "Record" button does nothing at all on Decks, but now works on Memrise

Courses can still be accessed at both Memrise and Decks. So while the problem is not fixed, you can continue to record the audio in Memrise.


Hi - We are aware of the issue. I’ve requested an update from our developers, hoping to hear back shortly.