Can't Login to Forum? Any Known Solutions?

(Tentomon) #1

This is what happens every time I try regardless of browser / cache.

As soon as I made a new account (this one) it worked, but my main account still can’t log in.


Looks like you were banned.

(Tentomon) #3

Which would be fine if they had a reason to ban me O-o?

I only make mems which are wholly above board, nothing rule breaking. Afaik I’ve never even used the forums so it can’t be from that.

I don’t think it’s a ban, maybe some sort of transition bug from when the forums were updated? I have no idea what I’m talking about \o/

It’s not hugely important since I don’t use the forums all that often anyway but it would nice to know what’s going on.


I only put my opinion that it looked like ban, it does not mean that I know it was ban or that I would think it’s okay. I am strong against censorship and would appose outright bans in all but the most egregious cases, such as sharing child porn for example. I disagree with outright bans for even racism or sexism without giving very clear warnings first. But hey, i’m drunk atm so this is probably a weird response. I dunno wtf is going on in your case, and considering 2 days have gone by, memrise staff should have responded by now, but hey, they’re renowned for poor customer service so KI am not surprised.

(Tentomon) #5

At least I have company over here xD

Better than deafening silence, I’m not getting my hopes up for this to ever be resolved tbh.

I dropped an email and submitted a bug report and you just get auto-replies saying “…we deal with a lot so might not get back to you…”, well jeez thanks.

When my remaining 6 months of premium are used up I guess I’ll just switch to a new account.

(Tentomon) #6

this is a bump