Can't load new learning session

While trying to load a new learning session this message appears:

Could not load the session. Sorry.

Reviews work just fine.

Frequency: last two days (since June 26th)
Course Name: Goethe Institute + Duolingo Essential German
Operating System: Windows 7
Browser: Google Chrome
Laptop: Lenovo Ideapad

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Try launching the learning session now, should be working as normal. :grin:


Works just fine now.

Thanks a lot!

Hello. I have the same problem.

I have this problem with my course as well…

I have reported this as a bug already and it has not been fixed, getting the same error message repeatedly when trying to review Italian courses, and it’s been ongoing for quite some time. Sometimes I’m able to review a few words from this link, but usually it’s the error message or it will give me like 8 words to review and then it’s the error message again.

Here is the link with the problem (also see my bug report for a screenshot):

I have the same problem,
I can review and speed review, but I can’t learn new words. I have submitted a bug report twice to no effect.
At this point I rather doubt I’ll ever want any paid services from this site.


Could not load the session. Sorry.
same problem here

Just to be clear: you have this error on the web?
I have the message (or something similar) on the Android App. Usually it goes away when I study one other word by using a different ‘game’, e.g. if the error happens during Review, do Learn New Words or Speed review and vice versa. Does this workaround work for you?
You might try to ignore the next word you want to learn - perhaps then it loads. Later unignore it.

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it is from web .

i asked about this problem here too .

and the answer was
Joshuaмσиѕтєя мυиςнєя αт мємяιѕє

Just had a quick look, it seems you’ve already finished the course which is why you’re receiving that error.

The courses are split into segment, there are more courses available to help you with your language learning. Below are the links to Korean 2 and 3. Enjoy. :star_struck:

i think i should resume from korean 2 if the error was because i finished courses

thank you for your fast answer . and sorry for my bad english

There’s an empty field in the second column for the word “contras”.

Looks like level 3 was bugged, have a look now. Should be working ok now.


I have a similar problem. I can see the words and the answers, but it says 0 words to learn and won’t give me a learning session. This is the case for all of the levels beyond 3.

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Another example. Again, all levels beyond 3.

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All fixed. :star_struck:

The levels now displays correctly the total number of words. Each level needed to be updated manually.

For those who experience this issue and are contributor or creator of their course, you’ll need to edit each level which contains this bug and do a small change. In this scenario, I swapped the two last words back and forth then saved it. This will update the level correctly.


I have had the same problem with learning new words not working but review and speed working - I have exams in 2 weeks and trying to cram extra vocab so would be helpful if this could be fixed! (the course is Ib Spanish Ab Initio - Wordlist )

Hello, I have encountered the same problem with this lesson :

Normal review and speed review are ok, but it doesn’t let me to continue with learning new words. I have submitted a bug report, but the problem still exists. Please help. Thank you!

Alright, I’ve fixed the problem. Looks like a caching issue, similar to the 0 words bug above.

Have a look now, the level will now be shown as completed. :sunglasses:


Ahh It’s fixed already. Should have come here earlier if the problem is fixed this fast. Thanks J! :grinning:

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No problem :penguin:


I am having the same problem with this course. It won’t load past level 3.