Can't hear audio

Hello.can someone tell me how or what do I have to click to hear the word?
I am trying everything but can’t hear at all
Am just a begginer any advice how to study let me know.the k u

What course are you taking? Maybe there is no audio in that course.

Its the arabic course.I somehow manage but now I want to learn the words o my not how to write
Any advice am sorry to bother with stupid questions
I have disabled the taping but…

Are you sure there is audio fo you to hear? Paste a course link here, please! I can then have a look

Essential Arabic (all you need to get by)

This is what am trying to study.
Thank u so much for helping

Hello sarah,
I hope you figured it out, the audio is working on my browser.

P.S: no question is stupid, and you are not bothering anyone :wink:

@Sarahahmed09 you might have it switched off on your settings, check that!