Can't Give a Link Directly to a Memrise Course

(Benton 1) #1

In my Duolingo Hebrew, I tried to give a link to two Memrise courses. But, the links did not work. I checked, and re-checked that I had typed them correctly from my courses. Why could I not link people to the courses? Are we blocked from making links directly to a course, or would the links have taken people directly to my private class? I got the internet address from my own course page.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #2

Have you made your course public or at least “not listed”? Otherwise nobody would be able to access it.
Check out this FAQ.

(Benton 1) #3

No, I have not made my course public. (At least I hope I haven’t.) I was just trying to give a link to others in my Duolingo course to two Memrise courses: Mazzorano’s “Hebrew for English Speakers, Hebrew Duolingo” and “Hebrew Alef-Bet”. I wanted to link them to the place on Memrise where they can just click on the courses to add them for themselves without having to navigate through “Courses, Languages, Middle Eastern, Hebrew”. I do not want them to be able to access my course, however.

Is there a way to link them to the exact course so they can add it without having to navigate the whole Memrise site from the beginning?

If I link them to my site, will they be working on my exercises, or will they be starting their own courses from the beginning?

(Olaf Rabbachin) #4

Linking to the course is actually easy: navigate to your course’s “homepage”, copy the link shown in the address bar and post it here by clicking on the link icon (depicting a chain) above the posting editor.
For instance: some course

If you don’t succeed, please post the complete name of your course and I’ll have a look.