Can't finish Spanish (Spain) 1 :(

I am at 440/450 words but now each time I click Learn New Words I get this message “Could not load the session. Sorry. Please see this support page for more details”.


How can I fix this please?

Hi @shamus100 and welcome to the forum,

Yes, this is an old issue which shows on my dasboard, too. The ‘missing 10’ are the grammar lessons in Levels 2, 4. 6 and 9 which can only be learned on the app version of the course. I learned them there and the course shows as “course completed” on the app.

If you want the course to show as ‘complete’ on the web version, you have to use the “Ignore” button on those four levels.


Hi Alan, thank you very much for your considerate response. I will tackle the remaining parts on the app as advised. If that doesn’t update the desktop version I guess I will just ignore those four sections on the desktop version. Once ignored, will they show as complete?

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Yes, I just ignored Level 2 (only) on the web version and it changed from “440/450” to “448/448” and shows as “Course complete!” on my dashboard. But there’s a “But”! Because I have ignored Level 2, I can no longer revise it on the app version. So, I’ll ‘unignore’ it again.

I don’t see a way of achieving both!

Edit - When I ‘unignored’ Level 2 on the web version, it changed to "450/450 words learned (448 in long term memory) and I can review that Level in the app again. I can live with that. It would be good to have the full learning history recorded in both versions, though.


Thanks Alan. I just finished those four gramma lessons on the app version and to my delight the desktop version showed them as complete, so I didn’t need to ignore them! Thanks very much for your help with this.

Oh, there’s definitely a glitch in there now. I just went to classic review it and when I finished my daily goal it has reverted back to 440/450! :sob:

Yes, Mine’s also changed back to “440/450” again on both the course homepage and on my dashboard. I don’t think it’s a glitch as such, more a symptom of the differences betwen the web and app versions of Memrise (and syncing delays). Oh well…