Can't find portuguese on the app

On the browser website, i can do the Brazilian portuguese course with no problem.

But on the app, i can’t find it in “my course” and also in the language list, i can’t find European portuguese nor Brazilian portuguese at all.

Use the web to locate the course and start it there. After that you should see it appear in the app.

I did it… i started 3 days ago, and still it doesn’t appear on the app unfortunately :confused:

They’re working on this problem. Until they fix it, logging out and back into the app usually does the trick:


Alright ! I didn’t know it is a problem or just some features that aren’t included in the app ! Just to know they’re working on it is a very good news :slight_smile:

Logout and back in didn’t work for me. Even uninstalled and reinstalled. But it didn’t work. Ill just be patient !

Thank you guys for the information!


You could try and clear the cache (Android settings -> apps -> Memrise -> clear cache).
It might help to also clear all data, uninstall, reboot, then install again.